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Šárka Geroldová, MBA is mainly a female rapper, lyricist, music producer and videomaker. She has released many projects under the name SharkaSs.

She likes to share her life also through pictures and poems. Her gallery is available here.

Within new work, she is a part of a group 12Signs21Sounds with her partner Sachi. She has participated in the czech national literary competition, where she won second place. She is also a semifinalist of popular Czechoslovakian talent show CSMT. The songs from her album Protiklady have been on the radio and television charts. She moderated a TV show “Ukaz se” on czech sport TV and a radio show “MISH MASH” on radio HipHopStage.


Creating lyrics for this song and the other songs like Rekni mi, Schazis, Viva la vida with Monika Bagarova, Tancuj with Funky Brothers, V myslenkach with Milan Peroutka, Caje, Ta Prava with Marsell based on the long-term collaboration with Jan Bendig

Creating lyrics for this song and also for the songs Bloudim and Touzim with Jan Bendig

Creating lyrics for this song and for the other songs like Dychat, Zapomenout or Stories

Working on the album Mood with Jan Vesely in terms of making lyrics for the songs with Zika, Valentina Vlkova and Nina Schwarzova

Creating lyrics, video and music for this song (while working on EP Triska na srdci)

For collaboration or more information, please contact me via this e-mail or call me, number +420 608 247 518

As a part of the collaboration, it is possible to help in creating lyrics, music instrumental or music video, recording vocals, to help with music management and other stuff

Advertising production is also a part of the music composing (for example radio spots for Vemzu)

Other collaborations have been with artists like: Pavla Patricie, Dominika Myslivcova, WBBS, WolfeGirlKlaudiSS, New Element, El Murdo, Papaas, Jakub Pazderka and others. Some lyrics was created for a movie (Roman pro pokrocile, Aladin) and some music production was a part of multipurpose project (Humans connected)